Cue the drumroll as we introduce our Volunteer Spotlight of the month… Michael Wood, owner of Helium Video.

Michael has been a dedicated volunteer with the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce for over 5 years, and currently serves on the MarCom/Membership Committee. Michael has volunteered at various Vaughan Chamber events and has lent his services for countless initiatives. From judging the “Pitch Contest,” to recording our 40th Anniversary messages from members, to the video production of the 2018 Ontario election candidates Q&A sessions, Michael is happy to contribute his skills whenever needed!

“I enjoy volunteering with the Vaughan Chamber because I like meeting new people and making lasting business connections,” said Michael. “I also love working with fellow committee members – it’s a fun group.”

Helium Video, Michael’s company, works with customers on their digital marketing strategies. Helium utilizes social media plans and video production to grow their client’s online presence, advance their brand, and give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We asked Michael what drew him to this field of work and he said he enjoys figuring out what entices a person to buy a product, and transfers his knowledge to his clients to project their businesses. He says this allows him to be a successful digital marketer.

“A piece of advice I’d give to people thinking about joining the Chamber is that it’s important to get involved in events,” said Michael. “It helps develop deeper relationships, which ultimately grows your business.”

We’d like to thank Michael for all the work he’s done with the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce to benefit our members. His tireless efforts, along with all of our volunteers, truly help the Vaughan Chamber thrive as a business organization.

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