As we continue our Volunteer Spotlight, we would like to shine this month’s light onto Joe Pampena, the owner of C4C Coaching-4-Change.

Joe has been a member of the Chamber for eight years and has been volunteering with us for seven of them. To say he’s been active within our network is an understatement!  Joe has been a member of multiple committees and is currently on the Board of Directors, the Co-Chair of both the Marcom/Membership, and Technology & Innovation Committees. He also sits on the Business Advisory Committee. Additionally, Joe facilitates the Vaughan Chamber Connects sessions, showing members how they can maximize their membership. Quite an impressive resume we must say!

Although Joe is a business owner, he says that more than 50 percent of his time is spent volunteering and his generosity doesn’t stop with the Chamber. Joe also volunteers his time coaching at-risk youth by helping them set goals and release negative emotions impacting their personal growth.

When asked why he volunteers with the Vaughan Chamber, he said it’s because he enjoys helping people. He feels that at this stage in his life, his focus has shifted onto others. Through the Chamber he is able to meet new people and help the community.  As Joe says, “My favourite part about volunteering with the Chamber is knowing that someone has gotten something out it, even if it is something as small as an idea or a connection.”

Joe’s company, C4C Coaching-4-Change works with individuals and companies alike to improve business performance with a focus on leadership, communication and personal goals. He also coaches around business risk. Small companies and individuals are his focus as he believes big corporations already have the resources they need.

Prior to his career as a coach, Joe worked at Bell Canada for 34 years in various management positions. After his early retirement, he wanted to pursue consulting but his peers strongly encouraged him to do coaching. Joe decided it was the right direction for him to go, and today he is now a successful NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) coach.

Thank you Joe for your commitment to the Vaughan Chamber. Your dedication to our organization is invaluable.

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