The Healthy Italian dishes about the Vaughan Chamber!

Fina Scroppo, otherwise known as The Healthy Italian, has been both a member and volunteer for the Vaughan Chamber for over four years.  When asked why she volunteers with the VCC, Fina explains, “It’s important to network with the community and to support each other.”

Fina’s favourite part about volunteering is meeting new people. Through the Chamber network, Fina has had the opportunity to learn from members and to share her experiences with other entrepreneurs.

When she first joined the VCC, Fina volunteered with the Women’s Committee. Today, she continues to play an active role on our Marcom/Membership Committee. You may even have received a call directly from her, as she reaches out to members as part of the committee’s Member Calling Initiative designed to get important feedback to help us continually improve to better serve your business.

A go-getter with a wide range of talents

Fina pursued a career in the world of journalism and writing because of her love for story-telling. A journalist by trade, she has grown to become an editor, author and content producer. Not only has she been the editor of 35 books, she has also written for multiple magazines including Style at Home, Homemakers, Flare, CA Magazine, Today’s Parent, and Canadian Family.

About 5 years ago, Fina merged her journalism experience with her lifelong passion for cooking, and self-published her own cookbook titled, “The Healthy Italian.” This book serves up 150 authentic recipes just like Nonna used to make – only better for you!

This busy mom’s love for health and cooking extends beyond her cookbook; she hosts wellness cooking classes and a cooking program for youth called the Happy Kitchen.  Fina says she tries to motivate and encourage people to truly enjoy cuisine with their families and loved ones.

Fina encourages entrepreneurs to join the Chamber network

We asked Fina to give advice to people thinking about joining the Chamber and her exact words were, “do it, do it, do it!”  She encourages entrepreneurs who want to grow their business to get involved, explaining how it’s a great way to meet people, share experiences and learn from others.  She adds that VCC connections can act as a support network as you immerse yourself into the business community.

We’d like to thank Fina for not only volunteering but always doing so with a smile on her face! The entire VCC team appreciates her dedication and leadership, and we know the Marcom/Membership committee especially enjoys the healthy treats at meetings!

Connect with Fina

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