This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Elio Gatto, the President and Founder of Social Know How.

Elio has been a Vaughan Chamber member for four years and has been volunteering for three of those years on the Marcom/Membership Committee.

He brings his ideas to the table and assists with the direction of the Chamber’s social media, online marketing, promotional campaigns and more. You may have even seen Elio and his team supporting the Chamber’s social media at live events.

We asked Elio why he chooses to volunteer his time with the Vaughan Chamber and he said, “I see that the Chamber is a part of the Vaughan community and being a part of it allows you to feel connected with other business professionals. It opens the door to meet other people and I love the team.”

Elio went on to say that his favourite part about volunteering is participating in events. He says that social media is telling stories through moments and going to events allows him to be the storyteller.

Social Know How is a leading social media agency that helps companies utilize the power of social media in order to further their brand.  Elio has over 20 years of sales experience working with other companies. But what motivated him to branch out and start his social media career?  Elio says he saw that social media was becoming important for business so he jumped in to put his expertise to use. Fast forward four years and the company has grown immensely.

When asked to give advice to those thinking about joining the Vaughan Chamber, Elio responded, “Don’t think twice, because the Vaughan Chamber is what connects people and ultimately helps your business.”

“It’s not just the people you meet, it’s also about the people they know,” he said, adding that that is how he has made many of his own business connections, which helped grow his business.

We thank Elio for his devotion to our organization. His energy surely cannot be replicated!

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