The Vaughan Chamber’s Technology survey results are in, and they paint a pretty clear picture – our members believe that technology is critical to their business!

We had members from very different sectors take the survey and while respondents’ roles and occupations differ, we did see a lot of similarities in their answers. For example, interest in hot topics – such as Blockchain and cyber security – was high across all responders, which is not surprising since we expected our members to be on top of the latest trends. However, what was interesting to see is that many members are either reviewing advanced technology for near-future deployment, or have already started the process of deployment.

Confirming that our members view technology as critical to their business success was an important step for us in the Technology & Innovation committee. We certainly see an opportunity to provide value in this space. Our committee meets monthly to discuss trends, observations, best practices and lessons-learned, with one goal in mind – practical applications for our Vaughan business community. The committee consists of representatives from the City, including Vaughan’s Chief Information Officer, Executives from Startups and well-established companies, as well as representatives from Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Logistics, Legal, Construction and Professional Services. With such a wealth of skills and experience coming together, we know we’ll get the best insights on a broad scope of relevant topics and industries.

In response to our members’ needs, moving forward we’re creating a ‘Technology 101’ series of articles. The articles will be published monthly, including communications through social media to establish a conversation around the topic. At first, the articles will be written by our committee members, but over time we’re hoping to hear from additional Subject Matter Experts about their experience and applications of various technologies.

Moreover, we are constantly looking at great ways to continue to engage with you, our Vaughan Chamber members. There are plans for joining initiatives around Smart City activities, IoT applications, Blockchain demonstrations, Practical Cloud, Business Process Automation, and much more.  Don’t know what any of this means?  Don’t worry – the Technology & Innovation Committee is here to help!

Stay tuned for additional announcements.

Arik Kalininsky
Principal, Dalikoo
Chair, Vaughan Chamber Technology & Innovation Committee

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