Patricia has been volunteering with the Vaughan Chamber for about five years and serves on the Women’s Committee. Her efforts here are endless! Along with helping to organize the Women to Women Symposium, Patricia also helps find great swag bag products and she personally helps to stuff the 500 bags. Patricia also supports the Women’s Spring event, and attends monthly committee meetings and other VCC networking events when she can.  In addition to the Chamber, she also volunteers as the Treasurer at her children’s school.

Patricia says she likes volunteering with the Vaughan Chamber because she loves working with fabulous women! She not only likes to share her own ideas but also to hear others and learn from them. She says that volunteering as helped both her personal and business growth.  She says she also likes to give back and volunteering has been a positive experience.

We asked Patricia what her favourite Chamber volunteering memory is and she spoke about when the Women’s Committee and VCC staff got together on a weekend before the Symposium to fill the swag bags. She says that, “it was nice to see and work together with everyone.  Some people bring their families and it was nice to reflect on what they’d accomplished.”

We asked Patricia to provide advice to anyone thinking about volunteering with the Chamber, she said, “Since I’ve joined, the Chamber has evolved. It is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work with fantastic people, and to learn and network in the community.”

Patricia is a Tax Manager for Fazzari + Partners LLP and has been with the company for five years. Her role as a Tax Manager involves advising private enterprises of taxation, developing and implementing tax plans, and performing quality control of tax compliance work.

Thank you Patricia for all you do to make the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce and the Women’s events successful year after year!

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