We’re excited to kick off 2017, and thrilled to be celebrating a phenomenal milestone… the 40th Anniversary of the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce!

Rather than write some eloquent piece about the Chamber’s upbringings, principles and product enhancements, let me just say that we couldn’t be prouder to be Bringing Together Vaughan’s Business Community!

We have lots in store throughout 2017 to celebrate our milestone. Notice our freshly minted 40th Anniversary commemorative logo, watch out for some exciting throwbacks and shout-outs in upcoming newsletters, as well as creative social media pieces, and look forward to our 40th Anniversary BBQ celebration taking place this summer.

Forty years could not be possible without the continued support of our loyal, entrepreneurial and community-inspired members. Thank you all!

Brian Shifman
President & CEO
Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

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