Advocacy Wins

Fall Economic Statement 2019:

The Vaughan Chamber has long asked the Provincial Government to help reduce costs and reduce regulatory burdens for companies in Vaughan. The Government listened to our call through multiple sections of the 2019 Fall Economic Statement, including:

  • Reducing Corporate Tax Rates from 3.5% to 3.2%
  • Removing WSIB premiums
  • Reducing Red-Tape for Business across multiple sectors

The Vaughan Chamber will continue to communicate with the Government to ensure there are no unnecessary barriers to business. To read the full 2019 Fall Economic Statement and see how it affects your business click here.

Launch of the Red-Tape Reduction Website:

The Vaughan Chamber has consistently asked the Government to talk with industry to solve the problems of industry. The Provincial Government has announced the launch of a website that allows businesses to directly submit ideas and suggestions of ways to reduce red-tape. Part of the ‘Open for Business’ initiative, this new website offers an industry-centered approach, which allows companies to provide advice on how to make conducting business in Ontario easier. Find the link for the website here.

Full Repeal of Bill 148 Through Bill 47:

Bill 148 increased the minimum wage to $15 an hour, a move which, had it continued, would have increased costs across all sectors. Most companies in Vaughan were not in a position to absorb these costs and the Chamber quickly rallied against this legislation. Through the Making Ontario Open for Business Act a full repeal of Bill 148 was provided by the government.  This repeal keeps the minimum wage at $14 an hour and stops the government from placing an unnecessary burden on companies in Vaughan and Ontario.

Alterations to the Journeyperson Trades Program:

A lack of Journeyperson Tradespeople has contributed to the on-going Skills and Labour Shortage across the Province. By lowering the Journeyperson-to-Apprentice Ratio to 1-1, it will be easier for apprentices to receive their Journeyperson status and allow companies to hire workers to tackle the skills and labour shortage.

Bill 50, Cutting Red Tape for Motor Vehicle Dealers Act, 2018:

Bill 50 will allow specified motor Vehicle Dealers to electronically apply for items such as permits and number plates. This common-sense approach will simplify the registration process, saving time for both Motor Vehicle Dealers and drivers.