About Us

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce (VCC) is the premier membership and networking association in Vaughan. With a growing membership of engaged businesses, the Vaughan Chamber is proud to be the driving force towards Bringing Together Vaughan’s Business Community.

We proudly represent organizations from all sectors of the economy including large corporations, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), and not-for-profit groups. Vaughan Chamber members also benefit from business seminars, leadership courses, business leads, and brand recognition.

The VCC is a strong voice on public policy issues of importance to the local business community, such as infrastructure, transportation, and opportunities for business growth.

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Our Vision

To be the premier business association and first choice for membership.

Our Mission

Our board, employees and members are committed to working together; to serve, strengthen and foster business relationships.

Our Commitment

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce has three foundational pillars: Voice, Community and Connection. The Vaughan Chamber is committed to creating a voice with and for businesses to address issues and develop policy with leaders, politicians and decision makers. Our organization strives to help build a strong business community by growing relationships, connections and opportunities. With incredible benefits and savings opportunities, the Vaughan Chamber connects, serves and empowers the business community.

Two photos of founding members William John Gordon Burrell and Gus Lanzarotta side-by-side

Some of the Founding Members

William John Gordon Burrell and Gus Lanzarotta

Founding Members

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce has been serving the Vaughan business community for over 40 years. It is with great pride that we list the Vaughan Chamber’s founding members, first board of directors and first committee members. This group of volunteers started from the ground up, building membership levels, and organizing events – some of which, like the annual Golf Tournament, are still going strong today!

Thank you:

Lorne Bull, President
Campbell Robertson, Manager
Douglas Duncan, Office Manager
Wilmen Robert Silis, Executive
Jack Charles Gilbert, Executive
Gus Lanzarotta, Executive
William John Gordon Burrell, Executive
Eric Desmond Kearney, Superintendent
Tony Kirk, Club Manager
William George Atwell, Solicitor
Jean Albert, Keele Print Shop
Dom Romeo, Pineview Pontiac
Bill Seals, Doublerink Arena
Ellard Yeo, Ellard W. Yeo and Associates

Mayor’s Endorsement
The City of Vaughan is proud to be the home of over 19,000 businesses that every day contribute to our success. Vaughan’s entrepreneurs and business leaders are true innovators who take risks, make investments, generate capital and create jobs, all while demonstrating an impressive spirit of generosity.

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce is at the heart of our business community and has continued to expand alongside the city’s rapid growth. As a member-driven organization, the Chamber has done exceptional work in bringing businesses together. The VCC advocates the issues and concerns that matter most for businesses as they strive to compete and innovate in an ever-changing market.

The team at VCC is committed to serving the needs of Vaughan businesses and with every passing year, continues to draw thousands of people at the many thoughtful and meaningful events they organize. I commend the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce’s ongoing dedication to the City of Vaughan and encourage local businesses to be a part of this vibrant and dynamic force as we continue to build a bright future for our city.

Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua

City of Vaughan Mayor