Vaughan, Ontario, February 14, 2024 — The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce’s (VCC) Infrastructure Council expresses deep concern over Minister Guilbeault’s recent statements regarding the discontinuation of funding for new road infrastructure. As a leading voice in our community, we believe it is essential to address the implications of this decision, especially in light of the ongoing housing crisis.

Canada is experiencing one of the largest immigration increases in recent history, with population growth primarily driven by immigration which has placed further pressure on already limited housing availability. Industry has warned for years that housing construction had not kept pace with population growth. The misalignment between population growth and housing supply is evident, and the consequences are felt across municipalities.

Minister Guilbeault’s remarks to halt funding for future road and highway infrastructure is disappointing and extremely shortsighted. As our cities expand to accommodate the influx of residents, efficient transportation networks become even more critical. Without adequate investment in transportation infrastructure, we risk exacerbating congestion, limiting economic growth, and hindering access to housing.

The federal government has actively incentivized housing development over the past two years. However, this effort is undermined when transportation infrastructure lags behind. Affordable housing and accessible transit go hand in hand. By neglecting transportation funding, we jeopardize the very housing initiatives the government seeks to promote.

The VCC Infrastructure Council urges Minister Guilbeault and the federal government to reconsider their stance:

  • Prioritize Transportation Funding: We call for continued and dedicated investment in the building and maintaining of transportation infrastructure to support growing communities. Improved transit and transportation systems enhance quality of life, reduce commute times, and attract businesses.
  • Collaboration: We encourage collaboration between federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government to ensure the appropriate infrastructure is built in alignment with population growth. Together, we can address housing challenges while fostering sustainable transportation solutions.

“In the face of rapid population growth, the decision to halt funding for new road infrastructure is a significant concern for Vaughan’s business community. Efficient transportation networks are crucial for economic growth and housing accessibility. We strongly urge the federal government to prioritize transportation funding and collaborate with all levels of government to align infrastructure development with our expanding population needs.” – Abdus Samad, Vice President of Government Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, Vaughan Chamber of Commerce.

As Vaughan’s business community, we recognize the urgency of addressing both housing and transportation needs. Minister Guilbeault’s decision risks hindering progress and exacerbating the housing crisis.

About Vaughan Chamber of Commerce:

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce is the premier membership and networking association in Vaughan.  The VCC proudly represents business from all sectors of the economy including large corporations and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs).  The VCC is a strong voice on public policy issues of importance to the local business community, such as infrastructure, transportation and opportunities for business growth.

For more information please contact:

Ruchika Sharma,
Special Projects Manager, Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

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