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Senior PHP Full Stack Engineer

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Dive into an exciting journey with, a dynamic and forward-thinking organization at the forefront of the SMB M&A space. As we continue to grow and innovate in the world of business buying and selling, we’re searching for talented individuals eager to contribute to a trailblazing team and platform.

Joining is not just about a job; it’s about becoming a key player in a thriving community dedicated to transforming the way businesses are bought and sold. Our approach is unique and entrepreneurial, valuing creativity, innovation, and the collective contribution of each team member.

We may not be sending people to space, but at we are helping people wake up and love what they do – whether it’s retiring after the sale of a business, or because they just bought a business that suits their lifestyle. We genuinely believe in the power of loving what you do and how this can be achieved via entrepreneurship and business ownership. We believe anyone can be a business owner. We know deep down inside that a stronger economy and better future is possible when people wake in the morning loving what they do, and business ownership is a viable path towards that. That’s why we’re driven to make business ownership real for people around the world.

This opportunity is distinctive because it’s equity-based. We believe in rewarding our team not just for their present contributions but also for their role in our future success. By offering equity instead of a traditional salary, we ensure that our team members are stakeholders in the business, directly aligning your success with the growth and achievements of the company. This approach fosters a deeply invested team, driving innovation and dedication in a way that traditional compensation cannot match.

If you’re passionate about making a tangible impact and are excited by the prospect of growing with a company that’s redefining an industry, is the place for you. Here, your work directly shapes the future of our business and the experiences of our users. We’re building something special, and we invite you to be a part of this remarkable journey as we Make Business Ownership Real for millions!

Position Summary

Technical Requirements:
• 5+ years of development experience deploying web applications.
• Proficiency in each of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
• Experience with API Integrations.
• Particularly helpful: Stripe, PayPal, Alexa, OpenAI.
• Familiarity with Git.
• Competent DevOps knowledge for managing LAMP stack and service infrastructure via control panel and/or ssh/cli.
• Security conscious.
• Behaviours: reliable, curious, focused and energetic

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