Introducing Job Bank and Business Connect

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present two new benefits to support the growth and success of Vaughan’s business community! We highly value our community members and we are always seeking out more ways to advance our membership benefits.

We created two useful tools that will continue to prosper Vaughan’s business community. Introducing the Job Bank and Business Connect!

Our Job Bank Will Help You Find the Right Candidates in the Area!

Our Vaughan Chamber Job Bank gives our member employers the opportunity to find relevant job candidates, free of charge! Most job banks require the employer to pay to find general candidates. Ready to post a job? Simply sign in to your member portal and click “Post a Job” on the left sidebar.

The recruitment and hiring process can be challenging so we built a Job Bank that will help find the best candidates for our members. Vaughan Chamber members have the advantage of posting numerous jobs at no cost! Anyone is open to submit resumes, which will give them a chance to be contacted by actively seeking employers.

View Job BankView Available Jobs

Business Connect Will Drive More Business Opportunities!

Business Connect is a tool that allows the community to submit requests for products and/or services from our members! (i.e. Catering, Plumbing, etc.)

We receive requests from the community and then we will send those requests to our members, via email. Members then have the opportunity to directly contact you to fulfill your requests. Just another way we help our members build more connections and drive new business opportunities.

Anyone is free to submit a request for any products and/or services they may need! We also encourage our members to check back often for new business requests.

View Requests Send Requests

For more information, please contact Abinaa Prabhakaran
Email: abinaa@vvc.local
Phone: 905.761.1366 ext.104

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