COVID-19…What you can do NOW!

So, we’re living in a new reality, all of us, the entire planet. We are glued to the news, analyzing theories, and trying to help our communities and loved ones. With social media, we are also experiencing information overload. There are so many instructions, opinions, directions. Some advice is good, and some is not as good. We want to focus on good advice and act on it, but it’s hard to prioritize a plan for moving forward.

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce Technology and Innovation committee would like to help by filtering the noise, and publishing concise, easy to follow suggestions starting with the following simple steps. We will also be expanding these into a series of in-depth articles and webinars.

Work effectively from home now

Physically we are social distancing, we must avoid congregating and meeting face-to-face. We cannot huddle over a document for review, or leave it on someone’s desk for signatures, can’t pass ideas on napkins, or on post-it notes. We can’t even meet in the kitchen for water cooler banter. Consider the following alternatives:

Collaborating on files

  • Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google’s G-suite lets multiple people work on Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations at the same time from different locations. These included version control acts as a backup, and lets you jump to any saved version of the file. Furthermore, once the file is ready you can choose to share with customers, and even let them revise and sign it.

Signature, approval, accountability

  • With online software such as Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, you can create business process flows to bring documents to management’s attention for review or signature. Furthermore, auditing is available for full accountability.

Video conference

  • Many free options are available, including zoom for up to 40 minutes, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Jitsi. You can record the calls, add live captions, take notes, share a whiteboard, and even add fun options like virtual backgrounds and Augmented Reality effects.

Prepare for ‘The Return’

While most physical offices are closed, we have an opportunity to get our respective businesses to the digital age. Enabling a truly modern workplace takes time, but you can get a head start by considering the following options.

Ramp up your marketing efforts

  • Social Media announcements and possible advertising
  • Update your web site
  • Send routine Emails to keep in touch with customers
  • Stay tuned for an upcoming Vaughan Chamber of Commerce webinar with more details and examples

Enhance your operational efficiency

  • Leverage new software that can be used to increase capacity with existing resources
    • You can start by reviewing your ERP, Learning Management, Human Capital Management systems
  • Stay tuned for the upcoming Vaughan Chamber of Commerce article ‘Leveraging Technology to Enhance Operational Efficiency’. The article provides more details and practical examples

Retooling your business for return to ‘real world’

  • Transform your business with learning from the pandemic
  • Create innovative opportunities to ensure business growth and success moving forward
  • Protect your business and be better prepared for the next unknown ‘shutdown’

Resources available

Arik Kalininsky

CEO, Dalikoo

Chair of the Vaughan Chamber Technology & Innovation Committee

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