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Bridge the Broadband Gap Resolution Put forward by the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce & the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade in 2016 and Passed by the OCC in 2016 – Policy advocacy through 2019


  • Inadequate access to high-speed internet is compromising the ability of communities across Ontario to attract and retain businesses. The provincial government has an important role to play in bridging the “broadband gap” by supporting provincial working groups and working collaboratively with the federal government.



  • In 2012 Canada ranked 33rd in the world in offering adequate internet speed. Toronto had Business 10 Gbps and Residential 250 Mbps in 2012.
  • Cities in the GTA had limited access to speeds that are available in Toronto, which heightens the risk that Ontario’s economic base could eventually be concentrated in 2-3 heavily populated urban centres.
  • In 2014, the Canadian government launched its Connecting Canadians program and estimated that by 2017 they would have invested up to $305 Million to address gaps in delivery. This funding was insufficient to get cable operators to invest in broadband infrastructure.  The new Federal government pledged $125 Million for infrastructure investment.
  • To help create the case local investment, a number of Mayors’ and Wardens’ groups have been established to identify regional broadband infrastructure needs.
  • The OCC supports the CRTC decision to promote competitive access to next generation fiber broadband networks that are integral to the success of Ontario businesses in the 21st



  1. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce urges the Ontario Government to:
    After conducting its due diligence, support the funding requests of
    regional bodies (Mayors, Wardens groups, etc.) for better access to
    broadband infrastructure without detrimental impact on existing
    service providers.
  2. Facilitate the creation of additional regional bodies that can help
    build the business case for federal and private sector broadband
  3. Encourage the federal government to fund a successor initiative to
    Connecting Canadians. This funding initiative should fund the need for
    wired and wireless infrastructure for the expansion and extension of
    broadband connectivity to underserved businesses.
  4. Benchmark Ontario’s internet speeds and access versus competitor
    jurisdictions and consider 5 year targets of: Business 1Gbps and
    Residential 50Mbps and 10 year targets of Business 10 Gbps and
    Residential 250Gbps.
  5. Consider broadband as a piece of infrastructure.
  6. When assessing funding requests, establish requirements that high
    speed broadband connectivity to the last mile is a priority.


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Other Broadband News:

  1. January 2017 – The Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada are providing funding through the Small Communities Fund, which supports priority infrastructure projects in communities across the country that have less than 100,000 residents.


  1. January 2017 – ON Government – A new initiative in Southwestern Ontario reflects the Province’s commitment to working with federal, provincial, municipal and private sector partners to expand and enhance connectivity.


  1. December 2016 – CRTC – Broadband and mobile services
    Further to its legislative mandate, the CRTC has set the following targets for the basic telecommunications services that Canadians needs to participate in the digital economy:

    • Speeds of 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload for fixed broadband internet access services.
    • An unlimited data option for fixed broadband access services.
    • The latest mobile wireless technology available not only in homes and business, but also along major Canadian roads.

The CRTC is establishing a fund to support projects in areas that do not meet these targets. Applicants will be able to submit funding proposals in order to build or upgrade infrastructure for fixed and mobile broadband Internet access services. The fund will:

  • Make available up to $750 million over the first five years;
  • Be complementary to existing and future private investment and public funding;
  • Focus on underserved areas; and
  • Be managed at arm’s length by a third party.


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The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce attended the Ontario Chamber of Commerce AGM and Convention from May 6-7, and brought two policy resolutions to the floor, both of which were passed.




Submitted by the Richmond Hill Board of Trade, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, and Vaughan Chamber of Commerce


Submitted by the Toronto Region Board of Trade and Vaughan Chamber of Commerce


Click Here to view full Compendium of Policy-Resolutions, 2017-2020

The 28th Annual Business Achievement Awards was held on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 at Universal EventSpace.

Almost 30 years ago, the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce established the Business Achievement Awards to celebrate business excellence in the City of Vaughan. Today, we have more reason than ever to celebrate! The 2017 Business Achievement Awards bestowed the highest recognition to 12 outstanding organizations and business people. Congratulations to all of the nominees and to our 2017 winners!




Small Business, Under 25 Employees – Sponsor: City of Vaughan, VBEC
WINNER: Great To Hear Inc.





Young Entrepreneur Under 40 – Sponsor: Bell Canada
WINNER: John Amendola – snapd Newspaper & Our Brands Media





Consumer Business/ Retail – Sponsor: BMO Bank of Montreal
WINNER: Seacore Seafood Inc.




Construction Services & Product – Sponsor: Business Development Bank





Environmental Leadership – Sponsor: Alectra
WINNER: H2Flow Equipment Inc.






Manufacturing In Innovation – Sponsor: CIBC
WINNER: Macrodyne Technologies Inc.





Non-Profit/ Charity – Sponsor: TD Commercial Banking
WINNER: Meta Centre





Hospitality & Entertainment – Sponsor: Royal LePage Your Community Realty, Brokerage
WINNER: Reptilia Inc.





Professional Services – Sponsor: RBC Royal Bank
WINNER: Masters Insurance Limited





Restaurants & Food Services – Sponsor: CN Rail
WINNER: Grazie Ristorante





Builders, Developers & General Contractors – Sponsor: Miller Thomson LLP




A special congratulations to this year’s Philanthropic Business Person of the Year, Anna and Nick De Luca, for their contributions and hard work through Nicky’s Dream Foundation.






See more on the 2017 Business Achievement Awards
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We’re excited to kick off 2017, and thrilled to be celebrating a phenomenal milestone… the 40th Anniversary of the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce!

Rather than write some eloquent piece about the Chamber’s upbringings, principles and product enhancements, let me just say that we couldn’t be prouder to be Bringing Together Vaughan’s Business Community!

We have lots in store throughout 2017 to celebrate our milestone. Notice our freshly minted 40th Anniversary commemorative logo, watch out for some exciting throwbacks and shout-outs in upcoming newsletters, as well as creative social media pieces, and look forward to our 40th Anniversary BBQ celebration taking place this summer.

Forty years could not be possible without the continued support of our loyal, entrepreneurial and community-inspired members. Thank you all!

Brian Shifman
President & CEO
Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

Q&A with Fiorina Riga, Membership Representative 

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If you’re looking to get more involved with event sponsorship, there are many sponsor levels you can take advantage of. Whether you’re a small or large business, we have opportunities that fit all your needs!


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The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce constantly looks for ways to promote and give value to our members. We were very excited to launch a new competition – The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce Pitch Contest – this past summer.

We were so proud to see so many businesses submit their videos highlighting their businesses and why they love the Vaughan Chamber. But of course, there can only be one winner of the contest. A panel of judges got together to review all the submissions. Their critiques were based on the contestant’s introduction, their pitch, and their Vaughan Chamber love.


Without further ado, we would like to present the winner of the Pitch Contest….

Mary Patrick of Dave & Buster’s

Mary has been awarded with a $150 Pre-Paid VISA! Check out Mary’s Pitch

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obstacles-and-opportunitiesNew Report by Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) in partnership with the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce (VCC), released the report Obstacles and Opportunities: The Importance of Small Business in Ontario. The report highlights the contributions of small businesses to the provincial economy, while also identifying, and offering solutions to, the most pressing challenges that small business owners face.

The report’s recommendations are the result of detailed consultations over the course of six months held by twenty five chambers of commerce and boards of trade with hundreds of small business owners throughout the province as part of the OCC’s Small Business Too Big To Ignore campaign. The campaign revealed that the three major barriers that small businesses face are Business Education Tax (BET) rate reductions, a lack of access to the workers employers need and government funding alignment on infrastructure projects.

“In Vaughan, local businesses are working hard to expand their operations, however they are facing some big obstacles including infrastructure deficits and the rising cost of doing business in Ontario,” said Brian Shifman, President and CEO of the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce. “It is critical that regional governments work with the provincial and federal governments to ensure that investments and programs are targeted to reduce operational costs and to support business growth in our region.”

The report also highlights that businesses with fewer than 100 employees make up 98 percent of total Ontario businesses and two-thirds of private sector employment in Ontario. They contribute approximately 28 percent to the provincial GDP and created 87.7 percent of the new jobs nationally from 2005 to 2012. Given the significance of small businesses to the provincial economy, the OCC urges the government to take immediate action to implement the following three recommendations in the near term:

  1. Continue the scheduled Business Education Tax (BET) rate reductions
  2. Develop a single access point for all government-funded workforce, training, and employment services.
  3. Have all three levels of government commit coordinated infrastructure dollars to connect all Ontario businesses to the 21st century global economy.


“Small businesses in Ontario are being held back by a diverse set of challenges that need to be addressed by all three levels of government.” said Allan O’Dette, President and CEO of the OCC. “We are encouraging the provincial government to implement our report’s recommendations so that we can ensure that our economy will have sustained economic growth for many years to come.”

The OCC encourages the provincial government to work closely with the employer community to implement the recommendations in the report. These recommendations will feature prominently in the OCC’s work leading up to the 2018 provincial election. At that time, the advocacy organization will evaluate the political platforms of each party with a particular focus on how their campaign commitments align with the interests of small business owners in Ontario.

Read the Report